How to Take Horse Sale Pictures – Part One


As I go through this spring and early summer I will be sharing tips and tricks to make taking horse pictures easier. I highly recommend hiring a professional photographer when the pictures are going to be used in a catalog, or printed in any sort. However, if its not in the budget or not enough time to hire someone, it’s nice to be able to snap a quick picture on your cell phone.

Tip #1: Take the time to clean up your horse. 5-10 minutes of prep work can make a horse seem more valuable. A brushed mane and clean body shows a horse that is cared for, while a horse with a mud spot and unkept mane can be perceived as a horse that could be hard to handle, uncared for, or not easy to be around.


Tip #2: Find a nice level spot with short grass or bare ground to take the picture. People want to be able to clearly see the horses legs, pasterns, and hooves. Level ground helps to be able to position the horse so they seem level and square.


Next post I will share a few tips on:

-Where the sun needs to be in relation to your horse

-How to set their feet.

-Where the horse should be looking.

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